Two Ways to Make Your Money Work for You this Year.

 I have seen several posts about how efficient it would be to put your money in a piggy bank in the guise of saving something for the year instead of spending everything up.

That, is a good thing though, but not a good move. You ask me why and I will explain it thus: THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO SAVE YOUR MONEY and cashout later in the year with A BIGGER SMILE in your face.

Instead of putting your money in a piggy bank and leaving it there, there are two places you can put them this year and be thankful you did so later in the year.

1. AbitNetwork

Let's assume you plan to save as much as ₦200 every day. You don't have to put it in a piggy bank everyday. All you need is a Naira wallet in a crypto platform such as AbitNetwork. I'm mentioning only this platform because of the ease with which they operate. They create about five wallets for you once you open an account with them:

Bitcoin wallet

Tatcoin wallet

Tatn wallet

Ethereum wallet

Naira wallet

For their Naira wallet, they provide you with a free and operational bank account with Providus Bank. You can always forward all your money that you plan to save into this account. They will appear in your naira wallet with AbitNetwork.

Even if the money is in cash with you, it is easy to find someone in need of cash who can help you transfer some money into your naira wallet.

Now, the essence of saving your money on AbitNetwork is due to the possibility of growing it. As soon as you've saved up to ₦10,000, you can either stake your money for a monthly interest of 3% or you purchase any of the three Available crypto currencies on the platform: Bitcoin, Tatcoin or Ethereum. The second option is better.

With the market price for Bitcoin expected to double by the end of the year 2021, using your savings, especially at the beginning, to buy Bitcoin will proof lucrative at year end.

Moreso, Tatcoin is another possible wonder on the platform. Its price has more than tripled since its launch in July 2020 by AbitNetwork. Chances are that it could tow the same line or even do better between now and year end. Putting every of your savings in tatcoin can really pay off handsomely. And AbitNetwork will give you 1% of every Tatcoin you stake on their platform per month!

Is all this not better than putting the money in a piggy bank?

Go to now to register (use my email as your referer; needed to allow you to proceed) Creating an account is entirely free. If you are lucky, you might receive their free welcome bonus of Tatcoin worth 20 dollars which becomes yours after you must have purchased 100 dollar worth of Tatcoins. That's about 7 months savings if you were saving ₦200 every day! That's an automatic 20% interest on your 7 months investment. It's a limited time offer.

2. Chymall

Are you among those who believe making money online does not work for them?

I do not know what your answer is to the above question, but chymall is not just like every other online platform for making money. It is a place where you do little work and let your money do the rest of the magic for you. 

There are many misconceptions and frauds people are perpetrating in the name of Chymall though:

Chymall doubles your money in few days? False

Chymall pays you for doing absolutely nothing? False

Chymall is a Ponzi scheme where you send your money to your up liners and collect from your Downliners? False

And so forth.

I don't know the one you may have heard about, but this is what Chymall is all about:

An E-commerce Trading Company that uses the new retail concept to do business. They let you as a customer to buy a store on their online mall ( The price of these store is dependent on the product you want to sell on it. The higher the cost of the product, the higher the store Price.

Currently, there are seven store categories: VIP 1 all through to VIP 7. However, the VIP 1 store is basically for those only interested in affiliate marketing for the company. No trading can be carried out on it. From VIP 2 and upwards, trading can be done every 10-12 days after which the company pays you about 5 percent of the total money your store is required to have to be operational. This is not possible if no Trading was initiated in your account.

You do not need to refer people before you can make profits. You are not mandated to trade Everytime. You can even withdraw your capital when you feel like not continuing.

Their referral program is also very unique and lucrative too, like most good affiliate marketing programs.

Within a year of trading on chymall, you can make nearly twice the initial investment in profits if you don't stop trading or give up.

So, if you have some money you want to put away in some piggy banky sort of way in a bid to save it for later part of the year, better to start trading on chymall. Chat me up on WhatsApp for more information and guidance on how to go about this: 07068435789.

If you can take advantage of these two options I listed here on how your money can work for you this year, you will have yourself to thank later. It doesn't matter if you were planning to safe money in a piggy bank or not. Those are two ways to invest your money this year and Have a Big Smile on your face later in the year.

May the rest of the year shower favour and blessings on you.

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