How will this Pandemic help Trump's re-election?

In some awkward but really intriguing way, the Chinese originated virus pandemic might be a plus in Trump's push for re-election as America's President later this year.

He may not know it yet. It doesn't matter if he does either.

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If you are already wondering why I have to say this now, in spite of the 20+ million job losses and 14+ unemployment rate in America recorded within last month (April 2020), you need to sit back with your popcorn in hand. What will play out in the next seven months will be like what happens in a magical movie, particularly the kind where an innocent man while falling into a deep gorge, lands back on the safe plain grounds from where the fall started. Reminder: Trump's got his magical wand too, like his predecessor prophecied.

Look, I'm not going to joke about the many who died, especially the global death rate we've been shown daily everywhere we turn online. However, we know people die everyday from so many other viral diseases plaguing the world today. Some curable, some not. People also die from abortion daily, and their number is gruesome too. So, you don't expect me to start blaming Trump for American people's death due to the pandemic. Truth remains that much of what he did kept the toll low.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to say the death toll does not invalidate my first paragraph. Check it out:

"In some awkward but really intriguing way, the Chinese originated virus pandemic might be a plus in Trump's push for re-election as America's President later this year."

Aside handling the pandemic like a pro (though  some may disagree), the economic tragedy that came with it leaves the great deal maker with a clean slate. He needs to now prove his ability to build a strong economy in just a few months, and eventually some years if he proves worthy in the months preceding the November election. Now is the time to put that magic wand to work.

To tell you the truth, if Trump fails to prove his mettle by doing something highly unexpected with his magic wand as regards US now collapsed economy, a lot of people are going to claim they were right his first three years boom was his predecessor's doing. And they would be right.

Remember, these people prayed for a recession. Now, they have a depression. And more than anything, they are watching and waiting for Trump to fail in this few months, so they can destroy his political career. If that happens, you and I won't like what you may get in Trump's place: maybe something worse than the demented Democrats current lone runner.

To tell you the second truth, Trump is most likely equal to the task. He's said many times on his chief information relay machine (that's, Twitter) that he can make a great rebound such as have not been seen before. I trust he can come positive with that. You should too, if you support him.

When he's done, no liberal folk will sound logical again if they say the economy was Obama's creation, as they've been saying until the pandemic came and everything became Trump's fault. That would only then be laughable.

Once he gets it done before November, I bet the so antagonistic media will be shamed, if not once and for all, once and for some time. Then, the American people can rally round him on election day and gift him the biggest win any President has ever recorded. It will be a massive victory, an Earth slide, possibly.

On the other hand, if things get worse or stalls, inasmuch as I believe the greater of the American voters stand with Trump now, most will desert the ship. No one in their sane mind sits comfortable in a sinking ship, even if it was their adorable vessel for many years. I myself may only be disappointed, where as China will be happy. When that happens, even Trump's magnificent oratorical prowess may not save his fledgling political career then. The "emperor" will then be over thrown.

So, now you get my point? It all depends on how Trump manages the pandemic (some say it is Plandemic) going forward. His haters are praying he keeps things locked down as long as possible. Being wise, I'm certain he will deliver a positive result. He cannot let the pandemic gains go to waste along with all it's losses.


That, only Time shall reveal.

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