US Congress Set to Hold a Mockery of Impeachment

I have been seriously following Trump and American politics since 2015. My ultimate source of information have been CNN and Twitter. The negativity against Trump on liberal networks have been unprecedented. I can't remember CNN saying anything completely positive about Trump. There's always a fault found or a "but" narrative. Mild negative errors were always amplified as the worst case scenario.

What baffles me most is the indisputable fact that the network constantly echoes Democrats narratives as the best political stances. In addition, they constantly excuse or fail to report on hurting news about this same party. I often wonder if they are an offshoot of the Democrat party in US.

One of my friends once said to me, "Are you watching CNN? Change the channel please, they're Fakenews media". That was long before Trump coined that word for them. I had been confused as to why he said that, until I started following the Trump movement.

You must be wondering why I'm writing about CNN under this title. I'm doing so because they are currently echoing the Democrats stance on impeaching Trump, even as their own fake poll is showing waning Support for same among their American voting audience (what is left of it).

At best, I've seen the Democrats articles of impeachment against Trump on display on CNN screen. They're very lame, to mildly put it. They're very laughable and a mockery of Justice. Even the folks in CNN know this. They're only blinded by the empty dream that being impeached will taint Trump's legacy. That vain Glee is all I see in their faces, but that's hopelessness and hanging unto straws.

In my opinion, it won't. At worst, history will remember Trump as the most politically persecuted United States President. Americans in the future will look at today's Democrats as partisan hacks that shouldn't be allowed to get close to any position of power.

They will wonder at their abuse of power and obstruction of Justice. What do I mean here? Democrats are criminalizing the presidential function of bringing criminals in his nation to Justice. They are telling him he must not seek the support of foreign governments in exposing corruption involving US citizens in their country, especially when this individuals are or were government officials who have evidences pointing against their corruption. Take a look at this Biden Scandal.

At the beginning of this whole Ukraine thing, I wrote an article about it being a Joe Biden Scandal and not Trump's. The vegetable old man has already admitted in a live video that he abused his power as a VP by asking that a prosecutor investigating a company his incompetent son works in be fired. He was joking about it at the time. That's devious. It's an unmatched evidence of Corruption that needs to be looked into.

Americans deserve to know why he did that. Biden needs to be investigated. Instead, Democrats chose to investigate Trump for doing his job and exercising his Constitutional obligation in asking that the country involved assist his AG in looking into it.

What Trump did isn't criminal, or Political, even if his intentions were political, and the only one who knows what his intentions were is himself. His intentions cannot be presumed, especially by Democrats or people who have never spoken to him one on one. He has clearly stated that his intentions was purely for the love of country, and with no evidence to counter it, that's the only thing admissible in a court of law. Moreso, that echoes what was revealed by released transcript and sworn testimony by the only interviewed witness who had close contact with him.

In their stupid articles of impeachment, Democrats have shown that the man Trump is not only innocent, but a victim of Political persecution for winning an election he was not expected to win. Now, they are planning to hold a mockery Impeachment vote on the sacred floor of the US Congress. This should worry every patriotic American.

What they are doing to Trump, they can do to anyone. God pity that person if they don't fight back like Trump. There's no way an innocent man who knows how to fight back can ever be framed for something they are not guilty of doing. However, if you live by the principle of Turning the other cheek, you are toast if this Democrats' Injustice leaves the four walls of your Congress.

What Democrats are doing is not only an abuse of power, it is unconstitutional. It's obstruction of Justice. It's also an election meddling by elected officials. It's a denigration of the American Foundation laid by the founding fathers. It's sadly going to be done. I write this hoping that they may reconsider their charade of accusations and respect the American Electoral College system as put in place. The people who decides the Presidency is the American people, not elected or unelected government officials.

Trump has a strong case against this impeachment, and I pray he wins eventually, like he always does.

Thank you.

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