This is why Trump Will Be Re-elected in 2020!

If you read my 2017 book on America, "TRUMP EFFECT, you will find out that most of the predictions I made in that little book did become reality. Many are manifesting today. Do get a copy of that book if you haven't. Click here.

The Crowd keeps growing. Photo credit: Trump tweet.

I'm a dedicated Trump observer. The revolutionary movement that defeated the Deep State in 2016 to install the Trump presidency in 2017 has grown bigger. Here's why I think so. There's no evidence that someone who really rooted for the president in 2016 have deserted him against 2020 race.

In fact, the energy in his base today is more than twice what I observed in 2015/2016 before the general elections. The reasons behind this includes Trump's obsession with keeping his promises: he's working tirelessly everyday and against all odds to do everything he was elected to do. No other politician does that.

The second reason is the incessant negative attacks coming from the media every day since he took office. The obviousness of the fake reportings against his administration fires his base up. They all appear to believe Trump more than the media.

One thing I observed is that majority of the things the media said is wrong about Trump isn't true. Almost everything they've said he lied about turned out as true. Time and Time again. In my opinion, Trump's is the only true source of his own news, especially for his base.

The third reason Trump's base is fired up is the incessant attacks by the regular politicians who hate him. In fact, I observed that the energy increase rate became supersonic fast when the Democrats took the House of Representatives earlier this year. Their weaponisation of the House to Target Trump draws empathy for him. Their recent quest for impeachment without bases is making it worse for them.

In essence, Trump's base is still very much with him and are more than eager to re-elect him next year because of the evil policy proposals of the left. The left attack free speech, religious freedom, the right to bear arms, sacredness of life and secured borders everyday. They seem to be advocating for more unreasonable wars that kill more American soldiers every year: other people's wars America has no business in.

Here's another reason I believe the movement has grown bigger: there's been countless switches of non-Trump voters to Trump supporters. This is very obvious even among the minorities. The walkaway movement has exploded. They are now unstoppable and they are all voting Trump.

The Blexit movement too is getting bigger everyday. Today, more black people support Trump than did in 2016. They have more than doubled. People are really waking up and this is frightening Trump's opponents. They can't beat him!

My whole point in this article is to inform you that Trump is going to win 2020 with ease, especially with the kind of candidates the Democrats have. I'm projecting Trump to win with landslide in both the popular vote and the electoral college votes. His EC vote will be above 320! This is not impossible if things remain as they are today or gets better.

So, all you need to do is go out and vote whenever there's an important election in your state. Trump needs more key like-minded politicians in Congress and as State Governors. If you are among the few who have doubt for any reason, click here to read why you should consider voting for him next year.

God bless you.

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