Please, Let This Light Beam Continually

In last week's motivation (Be A Little Glimmer of Light - click to read), I wrote about the need for us to let our little glimmering light out in a bid to bless others in need around us. These people are those who, at the very point in their lives we are seeking to help them, are faced with some challenges that seem insurmountable, though may be insignificant to us.  The little spark of smiles we put on their faces eventually returns to us with the sparkles of a bright morning star which cannot be hid!

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Helping others helps us grow in all areas of our lives. I remember when I was in school, at the Secondary School level, one sure way I used to keep what I have learned intact is by teaching others who are finding it difficult to grasp the subject. Sometimes, I would teach the whole class, eagerly answering the questions they seek answers for.

Through this, I developed my understanding in several of the topics I taught. It also helped stamp them in my memory which was useful in examination halls.

In addition to this, the joy I used to behold in the eyes of a triumphant student who have overcome their fear of a topic through my free tutorial class is uplifting. It's soul energising, a blessing that never ceases to flow.

What you do for others is not a loss of your time or resources. It's an investment; one for which you are not expecting a direct reimbursement from the "investee", but have hope in the law of cause and effect. Nature is fashioned to reward those who give without holding aught back ceaselessly.

It is also the act of God.

Do you ever wonder why a dark and dull surface never seems to have enough light to give away? It's because it doesn't have an iota of light to contribute in itself. But if you have ever watched a black shiny surface glitter in the sunlight, you definitely will understand that even the glimmering light can produce the needed flame to lit a campfire! Not by its power, but by the effect of it's presence that compels the camp attendants to gather flammable sticks around it.

When your little light begins to attract the rewards of the great sparks of light, never relent in your shine. Keep shining. This time brighter and brighter each new day. No one who gives out to others lives in regret. Instead, they live in plenty. So, do not shut down the flood gates.

It is always said that those who give do not lack. But what about those who give until they have more, then they grow weary of giving or begin to feel like they have given enough? Do they keep growing?

If you stop giving, you will stop growing. Remember, you can only keep reaping what you sowed. The moment you retire from participating in the planting season, you will be confined to reaping only the fruits of the old trees whose production rate decrease with age. You will begin to lose value.

Therefore, friend, do not let the light that have flooded your heart grow dim. Tomorrow's blessings are bigger than today's breakthroughs. God will call nations together to witness your upliftment and promotion if you never stop. They shall troupe down to witness your beaming light, and many will be glad to add even little drops of fuel to your lamp.

And the Gentiles shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising.
- Isaiah 60:3 KJV

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