Be A Little Glimmer of Light

Your life can only have meaning when you are not filled with living merely for yourself. Yes, it is true that you should treat yourself very kindly, but true fulfilment lies in your ability to extend that gesture to those around you who need it.

How much of this that you do daily is not what matters, but how ready and willing you are to do something to better someone else life is what counts. Doing this as often as you can, even if that means once in a couple years, so long as it's with the pleasure to help, is soul-lifting.

Be the little glimmer of light that will brighten someone's life today, this week, month and year. Find a life in need. Remember, it is not about how much you can give. A little help may just be good enough. In cash or in kind. Direct or indirect.

It doesn't take much work to be remembered for doing great things!

Just a couple of days back from when this was penned, I was returning from one of my construction sites late in the evening. I usually take bike rides to my home to avoid the stress of waiting on the usual Keke drops. This costs an extra #30 to do, but was convenient. I have no car yet.

This day, like some days, I decided to take the drops anyway. A girl headed same direction entered with me. Two others entered along the way. The journey would cost each of us #70.

But then, the girl, probably still in her late teens, seemed to have only #50 to spare. I knew this because she argued with the Keke rider about the regular #70 price for the journey.

I wouldn't care if she was pretending not to have enough. That didn't occur to me, nor does it matter. I saw an opportunity to be kind without expecting something in return. It is what everyone of us should be looking for.

I was the first to reach my alighting point. When I alighted, I had to pay for the girl's fare. I tried to do this discreetly, but I also had to make sure she was aware to avoid the Keke rider taking more money from her along the way, though most in my city are not that greedy.

As I left, I observed she was glad, but I usually don't expect or wait to be thanked. Two things I dislike in my life is being thanked for doing what is right and being told sorry for anything. I had nothing to lose. I was happy I helped someone who needed the money in some way. How little the help was doesn't matter. Giving the help is more important

I told this short story so you can understand what I mean when I said it doesn't matter how much you give. You may not even give cash. Sometimes, a smile in your face may be all that someone in the street needed to lighten their day.

You just have to be instinctive to know what you can give to help when you meet someone in need. Every little deed of kindness is a key to the storehouse of Divine Mercy and favor. Don't miss out.

So, today is another beautiful day to plant a seed in someone's life. Maybe, for you, it's this week or month or year. Just always know that whatever you do to help will be rewarded in this life and in the one to come.

Every seed sown will sprout. It will grow to a big and fruitful tree for your generations to come to shelter in. Thus, it's a big privilege.

Be a glimmer of light. Brighten someone's life when you can. It's what makes the world worth living in. Life is just a couple of years for all us. We can all leave behind a legacy of kindness to the people who come in contact with us.

 The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not suppressed it.
Yochanan (Jhn) 1:5 CJB

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