What is the true origin of humankind? | The Story you need to revisit!

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We know the story of the origin of man, how we are descended from Adam and Eve, the first humans to walk the earth. They were our first parents, begotten of God through the manifestation of His creative power. They were the last of all His creation, made on the sixth day of the beginning of time.

He sculpted them from the dust of the ground, and breathed life into them. They became living beings, made a little lower than the angels in heaven because of their physical bodies which angels do not share. But they bore the precious image of God in them. Then, He blessed them and put the whole world under their care. He instructed them to carry out His will in it.

At the time, they were pure and perfect before His eyes because there was no guile in them. Their lives were transparent and open before Him. All the hosts of heaven, who live in service of the Almighty God, attested to this (Job 38:7).

Even though Adam and Eve were physically naked, they had nothing to hide or be ashamed of in their lives, for they were sealed with the Spirit of righteousness and truth. Like God, whose own attribute remains eternal, they could not behold nor know sin; they were protected from its grip and force. They lived as gods on the earth, having divine authority over all of God’s creation (Psalm 8:6).

One day, because of Satan’s deception, our first parents rebelled against God. They disobeyed His simple command not to eat the fruits of a forbidden tree - fruits that were capable of exposing them to sin and leaving them unsafe in the world. Because of this, they lost the special relationship they shared with God. Sin engulfed their once beautiful souls. They became its slaves, sold of their own will to sin’s master - the devil.

They began to live in fear, shame and suffering afterwards. They were no longer under the divine seal of righteousness that once protected and kept them. They had become God’s enemies instead, naked and forever separated from Him, unless they repented of their sins. They passed this depravity down on to all of us who today live as their offspring. This sin and its effects have continued to plague our world today, driving humanity further away from what God had planned for them, with every new invention (Ecclesiastes 7:29).

However, Adam and Eve did not perpetuate their disobedience. When they did repent, God clothed them again with a garment to cover their nakedness. This time, He used a physical seal - the skin of a living creature - obtained through the death of same. Today, that signifies God’s new plan to bring us (Adam’s Children) back to the way of life He initially envisioned for humanity- back to being friends with Him again.

This new plan was executed by Calvary’s sacrifice of a loving God in whom dwelt and still dwells no sin. He is the Word which died on behalf of sinful humanity, people who today seem to deride Him more than ever recorded in human history. His name is Jesus - the Saviour and hope for all who will believe. If we repent from our own sins, which must be a personal decision, we can be forgiven and washed clean of our sins.

But can we ever become what our first parents were before they fell from grace? Can we ever be able to meet up with God’s purpose for us? Yes, we can, and in a better way. But first, we must return to knowing who God is like our first parents knew Him before they were deceived. When we know and accept Him that way, it will be easier to get better at being who He truly wants us to be.

Knowing God requires that we put our trust in Him. We cannot please God if we do not have faith in Him, for whoever seeks to have fellowship with God must not doubt His existence and power. He only rewards all such as look up to Him this way (Hebrews 11:6).

As we noted earlier, before Adam and Eve fell from their original state, they existed in a form made a little lower than the angels - a body with which Christ appeared on earth years later (Psalm 8:5; Hebrews 2:9). But because of the work of Christ, and the occupation of that old position by Satan who deceived Eve, those who return to God in this new dispensation of grace are planted above all principalities and powers, where Christ seats at the right hand of God (Ephesians 2:6; 1 Peter 3:22)! It is a place no longer lower than angels. It is a place besides Christ, as His worthy bride! The details of this will be discussed on the closing reflection found at the end of this book!

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