Ukrainian Collusion or Joe Biden Scandal?

Trump Loves USA!

Let's assume Trump was a former vice president and Biden is currently president.

When Trump was vice president, his son, Don Junior, got involved in some shady shit in Russia while working for a real estate company Trump influenced Russians to create with the promise of US backing. Don didn't discuss "anything" about his work with his dad, nor did he inform him about a prosecutor who was coming after the company he was working for.

In no time, Trump was in Russia on official duties, to discuss US financial aid to the Russian government for combatting one shitty local challenge they face. He was in a meeting with the Russian president, Putin, in the midst of other top Russian government officials. And this happens:

Trump: I "heard" one prosecutor is after the company I helped create so my son can work in it.

Putin: Yes sir, that's right.
Trump: really? So, what have you done about it?
Putin: nothing sir.
Trump: nothing? I'm really going to walk away with this cash and you can't have it ever!
Putin: what?
Trump: yes, you heard right. I'm not going to give you guys this money unless you fire that prosecutor son of a bitc*.
Putin: That's not your call to make sir. You're just President Pence' errand boy.
Trump: Alright, pick up your phone and give him a call right now. I ain't releasing shit money to you guys until that guy is fired.
Putin: (looking shocked)
Trump: Look, I got only six hours left to get outta this country. If you don't fire that prosecutor within this time, you ain't getting this money ever.
Putin: (confused) alright, alright. Hey, Vlad Rubokoski, make that call. Fire that prosecutor.
Trump: good. I'll be waiting and listening in.

Thus, the prosecutor was booted out. The investigation into the conduct of the company was stalled. Trump gave them the aid and went home.

In a public forum, Trump bragged about how he got the Russian prosecutor fired using the American tax payers' money as leverage. Media hailed him? Case closed?

Fast forward to this day, with Biden as president. President Biden isn't happy with what he heard Trump say he did. He considered that corrupt and abuse of power. He started wondering what Trump was hiding by asking for the prosecutor's removal. So, he called Russia's new president, Shevschenko. They talked many things, and he tried asking for a reopening of an inconclusive investigation into some seemingly corrupt practices that may be involving some Americans.

Someone who doesn't like Biden as president heard something about it from someone who heard something about it from another person. He went to the hysterical mainstream media that hates Biden.

Now, everyone's saying President Biden needs to be impeached "if he pressured" Russian president to investigate Trump who is now running against him for the presidency.

Do you think this could have been the case if this was the story?

Me: No. The left are simply trying to turn a Biden Scandal into another collusion hoax against President Trump. This time, it will backfire badly against them.

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