The Nigerian Revolution | Where to Begin

If we can change our minds, we can change our nation --PAH

For this country to be capable of competing with the developed nations in this world politically and economically, we do really need a revolution. Maybe, not the type that Sowore is being accused of insinuating or instigating, but we do need one, and very urgently. Otherwise, we will continue to answer 'Giants of Africa' in words, with nothing to show for it but corruption and lack of freedom among the people.

What kind of revolution do we need then, you are wondering? I'll tell you: we first need a revolution in the way we perceive and view political contests. And don't be derailed, I'm not referring to the political class here in anyway. I'm talking about you and me - the common people who wield the power of voting, and our understanding of political contests.

What do I really mean here? There's this awkward, yes, very awkward believe most of us have about politics in our country: we all seem to believe that the common man cannot be successful in any electoral contest without 'joining' our already rogue politicians in their dirty politicking. This is a lie we tell ourselves. It is a lie being encouraged by all our dubious political leaders. But the sad part of it is our willingness in accepting it as the reality when it's actually in our power to change such.

We need the Nigerian revolution to begin within our own minds as the electorate. If we can believe differently than we do today, we can take back our country from the recycled corruption we keep voting for in the name of leaders. It is in our hands to make all this so called political warlords controlling the ship of our nation irrelevant. It is possible. It can be easy if we are willing to unite in it's pursuit.

What do we need to do? We must shed the idea that when we get into politics it becomes our own 'turn' to enrich ourselves like others before us. We must also trample on the belief that we need to be financially backed by some politically connected money bags and their connections. This is what perpetuates the deterioration of our nation that was begun by our finding fathers to be on track for greatness. Afterwards, all we need is choose the right candidates for the people, and turn our backs against the establishment.

You are now wondering how we raise the finances for these candidates to run effectively? Just recently in US, the Donald Trump 2020 campaign collected in less than two days over $10million in 'Small donations' just because the common people who support him are not happy with the opposition's harassment of their president - The Democrats launched an impeachment enquiry against him baselessly. We can replicate this in our revolutionary quest to take back our country. Small donations ranging from as little as 5 naira to 1000 naira or more, depending on what an individual can afford, when collected from millions of Nigerians who want to see change in this country cannot even be matched by what these corrupt politicians raise from their wealthy donors. But the bigger difference is even in the fact that the only people the contestants feel indebted to are the ones who voted them to power - the people. They are not bugged with the need to settle big donors and sponsors. They'll only focus on doing exactly what the people elected them to do, and they do so with no fear or favor.

I know some of you must be thinking this won't work. That thought is actually part of the problem. You need to discard it, and believe. When all of us do, we are unstoppable, and we will win and make our country great. The future of this country is dependent on us - the people, not on our leaders (Click here to tweet quote).
Let this revolution begin today in your mind. You can make a difference.

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