In the previous post (Read it now), we laid out the hardest verse in the Bible that few Christians know little about, with its build up verses. But what do they mean? Why are even Bible Scholars confounded by the verses?

We know that all Scriptures were breathed by God. The are profitable for a great and exciting Christian Living. They are God's guide for humans! Solomon's research conclusion is not confusing when we look at it in this light.

My dear, these verses of the Scripture were written so we can learn from them. So the question now is, what is there to be learned of this secret Bible verses? Secret because of their hidden meaning.

Ecclesiastes 7:28

In case you are wondering, I speak of this place in God's Gracious Word: Ecclesiastes 7:25-28. Were you able to find out before now? Good. Now, let's see what we can learn from it.

I'll quote again, this time in full; afterwards, I'll explain:

I applied mine heart to know, and to search, and to seek out wisdom, and the reason of things, and to know the wickedness of folly, even of foolishness and madness:

And I find more bitter than death the woman, whose heart is snares and nets, and her hands as bands: whoso pleaseth God shall escape from her; but the sinner shall be taken by her.

Behold, this have I found, saith the preacher, counting one by one, to find out the account:

Which yet my soul seeketh, but I find not: one man among a thousand have I found; but a woman among all those have I not found. (Kjv)

I believe you already know who the writer was? It was King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live on planet Earth!

In the first verse above he tells us of his quest to search out why things are the way they are. He was curious about why some are foolish while others are filled with wisdom. For this reason, he initiated a personal research work.

Guess what he first noticed?

He noticed the woman who qualifies as a seductress and dream killer. She sets snares and nets to catch misled men, and she binds them under her control. Does that sound familiar when you look at today's world?

Solomon was in the best position to explain this to us, because he had about a thousand women in his life.

So, he says his research found a tramp whose hatred of men leads her to ensnare and enslave men, and make them incapable of standing on their own or be meaningful in life.

But, he never said all women were that way. It simply means it was so easy to find many who were so. So easy!

What's more? The verse is not even the hard part yet.

Solomon went ahead in the 27th verse to describe how he had conducted his research work. He spent time to examine, one after the other, groups of people from both genders. Maybe, a thousand men and women, or a thousand of each gender.

What did he find?

Just a single man out of a possible thousand men, and no woman out of a possible thousand women!

What this means is that in his quest to find praise worthy humans, he discovered that such was a rarity in his world. So rare he couldn't locate a worthy woman in a thousand people.

What does this mean for us today? Of what need was Solomon's research work to us? Two things come to mind:

First, he notes what the Scripture says of humans, "all of us as sheep have gone astray" even though God made us all  good. We have abandoned our God, and now live in our own ungodly ways.

Thus, Solomon could only see one man of a thousand and no woman of same, who lives as God made them to live.

How we live is therefore our choice. Though God made us, He would not force us to do His will.

Second, he presents this to us so we can make the difference and become that rare man or woman who properly represents God in the world. We can become what Solomon could not found.

It is a matter of choice. What do you choose?

That he did not find a woman out of a thousand does not mean he couldn't find one out of ten thousand. Maybe, in that number, he could have found more than one!

It is how we live that will determine how we are perceived. When we live wrong, we will be seen in that light.

Now, you see why I said in the previous post that this verses can inspire us to be better Christians. All we have to do is look beyond the text, because the letter kills.

In conclusion, to understand the Scriptures, we must tap into the realm where God's Spirit dwells!

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