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This Christian Book is viable for the times we live in. Its content is rich if you seek to be practical about your Christian Living in a world where majority of the people are gradually edging God out of their daily lives in a bid to accommodate a lot of secularism that seem to oppose the unchanging truth of God's Word. It contains a deep study of the many lessons hidden in the recorded life of Adam and Eve in the Bible. You just have to get a copy of this book right away.

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CHAPTER ONE: How It All Began

Adam and Eve were the most important objects of the creation work God carried out in the first six days of the time controlled universe. They were the central figures in the world of physical realities that now exist all around us. Their story is one which must be explored if anyone seeks to fully understand the reason why humanity is the way they are today. But we cannot discuss the subject of human origin without giving credence to God who made them.  It is therefore consequential that we begin our discourse of man by building a case for the existence of God, though sparingly, to avoid deviating from the main focus of this work. By understanding God to the extent we are allowed to, we can then fully understand the purpose of humanity. This is explained through the story of the first humans related in the pages of this book.

So, Does God Exist?
If we are to answer this effectively, we believe the first question we should be looking at is this: "Do humanity exist?" Without doubt, we can all say, "Yes, we do!" Because that is who we are. We cannot deny our own existence. We are the proof of our own reality. But going further, we should also ask ourselves the second question: "How did we come into existence?" This is where the trouble begins for many people in the world today. There are so many confusions among children of men concerning the source of their being. The answer anyone gives to this second question hugely depends on their level of believe in God. This is why the third question becomes crucial for us to consider: "Why should we even be confused about this?"
Why are we confused about our source of existence? Since we exist, why should we be confused about how we began? Does not our own very existence tell us how we could possibly have come to reality? Must there be conflicts on the issue of our origin? Necessarily not! This is because our existence, the question we all have the same answer for, is enough for determining our source.
Our source can only be tangibly explained in one way, using the common sense we already have because of our existence: we exist because we were made to exist by someone higher than us. We didn't make ourselves, just the same way robots, technological gadgets, buildings and all other inanimate things that are man-made did not make themselves. We have a source. We were not in existence by chance nor did we make ourselves (Psalm 100:3): nothing concrete ever happens into existence by chance.
Our existence is, without doubt, the number one solid proof of God’s existence. This means there is God since there is man, but not because there's man. We are simply a good enough reason to believe He exist. Robots are proofs of man's creativity and undeniable existence, but man didn't start existing because of robots. So is God. Thus, even if we do not exist, that would still be insufficient to disprove God's being. Therefore, we exist because someone powerful enough to do so created us by His own choice and for His own purpose.
In addition to the proof that man's existence provides in explaining God's existence is the vast evidence that all of the existing nature - creations around us - also provide. We do not need any other empirical proof before we should be willing to accept the supremacy and viability of His reality. Who made all the things that we can strongly witness and believably argue to be in existence? God.
Doesn't the inherent beauty in our lives as humans plus that which spreads across the universe to the extent we have known it proof to us the existence of an intelligent designer? Think of our make up outwardly, our internal structures and organs within, and our intellect by which we function and relate with one another. Look at the order, the calculations, the planning, the uniqueness of each item known to us in this universe, and the specificity of their various functions. Doesn't everything all point to that undeniable fact of the existence of a maker who should be higher and can control us all if He so chooses? Think of robots and humans still: which one made the other, which one is higher than the other, and which of the two can control the other? That's the same about us and God. The higher of the two made the lesser one. God exists, and He is called God because He is higher than man and everything else.
Therefore, the onus is on those who disagree to provide evidence for their doubt. They have non.  For a way to excuse their unbelief, they claim that since they cannot see God, therefore He does not exist. It is like telling a man he has no thoughts in his hearts just because we cannot see, touch or feel them. But we can hear them when he speaks, same way we can see God in man's existence. What craziness lies in the heart of those who doubt! They are the same people who believe there was a Big Bang (the theory) recurring after several billions of years and bringing things from nothing, on its own accord, naturally. They have neither seen this occur, nor have they even one thing in existence by which they can base their claims. It's all based on science fictions, the kind you read in books and see in movies.
For us who believe in God, the absence of concrete replication of God on earth (apart from us who were actually made in His image) is another solid reason that supports our claim of His existence. Consider this: much of the dissenters (those who doubt God's existence) believe that the things that can be seen, touched, or felt today all came into being of their own accord (through the Big Bang theory which is impossible and absurd). These things being referred to have no powers of their own or proof that can make their self-existence possible. There are no evidence whatsoever to support that line of thought. Therefore, it is easier and more acceptable to say that someone who is Supernatural (The Most High God), who possesses great power and also controls all other spiritual powers in existence exists in the spiritual realm on His own accord. The fact that He cannot be seen, touched, or felt is supportive of His reality. Thus, the Supernatural God exists irrespective of the fact that we cannot see, touch or sensually feel Him!
Therefore, the reason that the doubters give as basis for their doubt is a proof of His being. It is only someone in possession of the kind of power He is reported to have (which we that believe have witnessed at various times) that can exist on their own accord, in an immaterial body, without having a beginning or ending.
Thus, we know that the supernatural exists; that's why there are spiritual forces on earth that we cannot see, but do contend with. By the power inherent in the supernatural, it must have a director and originator, God, who brought the natural - physical - universe into existence. This is a fairly reasonable argument against the naysayers, though it may be ridiculed by them who are considered foolish for their doubt of God’s reality.

Ps 14:1
The fool has said in his heart,"There is no God."
Here we must stop on this subject, for a continual argument on this can lead us no where. It is not the scope of this book to focus on the argument over the existence of God. That already is a settled fact: we cannot further foray into a dispute over someone whom we know cannot be seen, touched or felt in a concrete term, and as a result cannot be disproven. The reasons for possibly doubting His being supports the claims of who He is, and doubters are blinded to the realities around us. Our brief argument above only establishes a case to support the central focus of this work. To get additional proof of God’s reality, one needs to believe in Him first. Afterwards, He can reveal Himself to those who do believe in Him – like He has been doing to Christians and believers since the beginning of the world.

What Can We Do Then?
As Adam’s descendants, we should focus on fully understanding the essence of our existence on earth. For that to be possible, we need to first acknowledge who God is and accept what He did at the beginning. Only then can we understand how and why He made our first parents when we begin to unravel the treasures hidden in the account of the two most significant days in human history: the day of our origin, and the day of man's estrangement from the God of all creation.
We need to know and accept that it was God who made everything in existence. From the earth and the elements surrounding it, which we are only beginning to understand, to the entire universe stretching out to the unknown, He made them all through His express command. There were no samples from which He had to make copies, and no proven methods or written guidelines that He had to follow. He did not have to use pre-existing materials to make anything, for there was nothing in existence until He made them.
Everything we can see, touch or feel is the result of God's handiwork, or made from what He already created. There were no machines that helped Him to bring things out easily. It was only through the utterances of His mouth, “Let there be”, that everything began to exist, except our first parents whom he moulded with his hands from the dust of the ground. How great and powerful are His proclamations and how wondrous are his works!

Why are we Confident that God Created Everything?
The Scriptures made it clear that God created the Heavens and the earth in the beginning (Genesis 1:1). This refers to the starting point of His creative works. It could certainly be before the existence of angels. The heavens here include all bodies existing outside the earth sphere, plus where angels dwell in service to God, the heaven where every Christian wants to go. Though the Scriptures do not provide further details as to how the heavens were created, they provide us with great proofs and assurances that it was solely the work of God’s command, made alongside the world. Here is just a verse from the Bible to explain this:
Isa 45:12 - I have made the earth, And created man on it. I — My hands — stretched out the heavens, And all their host I have commanded.
This verse lays emphasis on who owns the creative right for the heavens and the earth, including all that dwell in them. It is none other, but God. Himself assures us here that He made both the heavens and the earth by Himself!  No one can wrestle the right to that from Him, nor can anyone share the patent right with Him. Science, despite all its attempts to disprove this fact, has failed to come up with anything other than illusions emanating from atheistic scholars. Therefore, everything that exists in Heaven where God’s throne is or in this universe of physical matter has a beginning. It was God who crafted them at His own discretion.  He started the work, and ended it alone, unassisted.
He made everything to satisfy His own will, and for His own good pleasure (Isaiah 43:21; Proverbs 16:4). Whether things in the spirit realm or in the physical world, they were all made to be at His service and to execute only His bidding. No one has the right to share that glory with Him. Being honored by all creation is His reward alone. It was what He expected of our first parents, which they failed to abide in. It is something we ourselves are still struggling with till today as a result of their failure to abide.

What Does Creation Reveal About God Today?
It reveals the Unity in the Trinity and the Value He Placed Over humanity as He made them.
Creation, therefore, is an indisputable proof of the greatness and unequalled power of the Godhead – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. These three persons in one divinity stand together in an unwavering unity. They are one, and they work together as one. The creation of the universe would not have been possible if there was chaos among them. The first three verses of the book of Genesis succinctly reveals the unified way they worked:
Gen 1:1-3 - In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.
Here, we see the Holy Spirit hovering over the formless earth on the first day before the introduction of order. We also see the Father giving creative directives and commands: "Let there be". Then, we see the Word - the Son - executing the works of the creation in adherence to the Father’s command: "and there was light". All three make up the Godhead - the Trinity. They are inseparable as one and have been so even from eternity, and they shall remain so through time and for all eternity.
God the Father is the Coordinator of the Trinity and the first person in the team. God the Son, who is not just the Living Word of the Father, but the Word that executed all things (Colossians 1:17), is the second person in the team. The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity by whom God interacts and dwells within man. They are all one and the same God, equal in power and glory (Isaiah 9:6).
Those who dispute the Trinity have no Scriptural basis of doing so. The proofs are scattered around the Scriptures. They are always there before our very eyes as we search God's written Word. A discourse on this will be a subject for another book.
The very point in creation where this tripartite involvement became very obvious was when it was time for the creation of the central figure to inhabit the earth – us, humanity in our first parents. There was the need for a special consultation within the Godhead when it was time for the creation of man. God the Father said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” in a direct address to the Godhead (Genesis 1:26a, the emphasis ours). Without unity, there would not have been any need for the consultation.
This consultation is consequential as it reveals how special the man was to be created. It shows that God wanted man to be made different from the other creatures that inhabited the earth at the time - that is, all living things that were already in existence before him. God wanted to make man unique and to put in him His own special image and likeness.
Thus, God did make man to be like Him, significantly distinguishing him from the rest of the creation. Man then became God’s representative on earth as a result of his uniqueness and possession of divine qualities. These great distinctions would enable him to make a difference in the world God was to leave in his care. If he were to deviate in any way, he could be doomed. When he did deviate, he was doomed to mortality and faced the possibility of eternal separation from his Creator.
Had Adam and Eve not disobeyed in Eden, humanity would have remained a force to be reckoned with in the control of natural forces beyond the realm of our immediate physical world. The opposite is now the case: man is now subject to whatever steps nature takes, whether it does so on it's own accord, under manipulation of supernatural forces, or as a result of man's own activities on earth.

What then is Our Focus in this Book?
Our scope in this book is to explore the most important reason to believe in God’s existence – that is, the origin, nature, purpose, fall and hope for the rise of humanity. God today speaks through the beauty of His creations, of which humanity is the central figure. Within this book, we are set to explore everything about the first two humans and the lessons their lives can teach us who believe in God today. Remember, we have to begin by understanding more about who God is and the reason He made man. Then we can go on to learn what we can from how our first parents were made, how they came together, and how they lived. From what we discover, we then learn how we can become what God wants us to be through their example.
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