What If I Was Aborted?

Me, because I wasn't aborted

Have you ever tried to figure out what the world around you now would have been like if you were aborted instead of being born? I have thought about this and it gives me goosebumps. But, providing the right answer to this question, in my own terms alone, is a bit complicated for me. It is something a lot of people can think about too considering how my life have impacted them: what if he was aborted?

What if I was aborted?
That could have happened before I was born had my mum thought about her right to choose what to do with her body, her own body's 'health care' as the left likes to put it. Perhaps, it could have been done right after I was born, assuming I escaped the before-birth-dismemberment that happens within the womb. In that case, I would have been left uncared for so I would die on my own, starved. Or even worse, I could have had my neck broken same hour I was born by some heartless nurse or killer-physician while my mum looked away. Yes, it was possible I could have been aborted because I am human too like those who were. I was conceived same way, grew same way in the womb and given birth to same way, as all humans were. What if my abortion had taken place those years back?

You are expecting me to provide answers to this question, right? As I told you, they are complicated. If I was aborted, I don't know what would have happened. I really don't know. Maybe, I'd be in heaven as a little fiery toddler, surrounded by cupid angels, waiting for when God will punish my killers, no, abortionists. Whether I would be happy for having my life snatched from me before I could live it, I wouldn't know. Certainly, I would be happy to be surrounded by the glory of God, who I could not have had the privilege of knowing before meeting him in heaven, like most other people in heaven would have aside my type. Who knows if I would be sad too! Who knows!

If I was aborted, you would not be reading this. Assuming you like my articles, I bet you, there would not be even a letter from me for you to like. I would not be capable of touching any human being with my truths. They would not be spoken nor written to be read or heard. It would be like I did not even get conceived in the first place and like I never had any truths to tell. Dogs, cats and other living non-human creatures would have added more value to the living than I would have. In fact, I would have no value even, because that would have required that I was born as I was. How does someone that never got a chance to live create value?

Surely, I know I would not be an architect with a university degree, who graduated top in his class with the potential to be one of the best the world have witnessed in the field of architecture. In addition, all those lives that have called to tell how I have inspired them in one way or another would probably be lost to their sorrow or whatever my inspiration helped them overcome. I would not be a gifted writer either - a novelist, a poet and a blogger. I would not be any of the things I am today. I would be a botched opportunity for mankind, like millions of other aborted humans. Yes, they are humans too, baby humans killed before they could live to have an impactful life. I could have been one such lost gift to humanity, whose beauty would never be known.

However, I am glad I was born. May God bless my mum for letting me have my right to be born. But, I am sad the world is being denied of great human resources that could have the ability to transform this world faster than the born have. That, we can never know because they were never born, or were left to die or butchered at birth. These babies were fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Right on conception, they were made to do great and amazing things in the world.

Sincerely, abortion is pure evil. It is the most cruel act of murder against the most helpless humans in God's earth. If Justice is not served in this world, eternity will not forgive anyone who is a part to it. It does not matter what right anyone may claim to have over their bodies. It's just baffling to me that America champions this human rights violation.

All babies are created to be great at conception and impact the world positively when born. We should defend their #RightToBeBorn on earth.

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