Hate Crime: The Juice in the Jussie Smollett Hoax

When the Jussie Smollett story first broke, I did an article that cited it as Faux Outrage: I Love America, but I'm Worried for Her. I knew all along it was a hoax by the way it was reported to have happened. It turned out that my hunch was right. In this piece, I seek to highlight some basic points everyone should note from the whole story.

The Left Stays Relevant by Race Baiting
It seems more like a lot of celebrities and politicians on the left do not want Racism in America to cease. Hate Crimes against people of colour is a way for them to keep their relevance. Though they may pretend to be fighting for the people who are in the minority, the truth is that they keep wishing this people continue to be attacked so they can pounce on their political enemies like they all did with the Smollett case.
For them, it is a political or popularity-seeking game. They take advantage of the suffering of the minority in advancing their selfish political or career interests. They never care about this people being hated on in any way. This is why they can go to any length to cook up hate crimes, or run with faux ones without verifying their authenticity. In essence, they formulate racism, fan it and force the loyal minority to accept them as their life conditions.

But in Reality, They are the Real Racists
While they rush to conclusions without knowing whether reported cases are Jussie-Smollett-kind, they are the real perpetrators of racism against people of colour, but are not being called out because the right is all about healing. I know how many times white liberals have asked me to shut up for disagreeing with them on Twitter. That is racism, since I'm a black man entitled to have his own opinion. We also know how white liberals in America have pounced on young black conservatives on social media and possibly in real life, for disagreeing with them or saying things they don't like; that's racism too.
How many of them are hiding their own racist past from the minorities they are trying to speak for? We may never know unless they are exposed same way the governor of Virginia was. Even when exposed, they always are not very apologetic, as a right wing personality would be if they were the perpetrators. However, the truth remains, the left are the racist ones and they know it!

Aided by the FakeNews Media
If you pay attention to the mainstream media, you will think everyone on the right is a demonic racist, moreso, Trump Supporters. They don't seem to draw a line between the whites and the minorities who are on the right. Everyone is classified as racists. This is really bad for journalism.
The media ran with the Juicy Jussie-Smollett story, blaming Trump and his Supporters for promoting such hate (I am yet to see how this happens) against a hardworking Blackman. They never waited for any details from people investigating the case. They ran with it so long as it suited their narrative.
This same media grows lame when the hoax is exposed. They go mute when people like Virginia Governor are exposed. Sometimes, they find a way to push back the blame to the right. The truth remains, I am yet to read of the racism they claim people on the right perpetrate. I am yet to see what makes Trump a racist. The media have no answer, but will keep saying all of us on the right are racists, while they hope we prove them right. Meanwhile, they are complicit to much of the hate against people of colour being meted out by the left.

In the End, it's the Minorities that Suffer
In all this, it is the minorities that suffer. With this kind of hate crime perpetrated by Jussie Smollett on himself, and  a whole lot of other hoaxes involving other minority 'Jussies' and 'Smolletts', the real victims of race-centered hate crimes are not being known or helped, or even reported on if known. Tell me, how many black Trump Supporters have had to lose their jobs because they are black MAGA fans? How many have been harrased by the white left for wearing MAGA hearts? How many have been silently removed from social media by this tech companies just because they are black and unapologetic conservatives?
Yes, racism still exist, but it is not existing in the forms being described by Liberal politicians, media and celebrities. They are the ones who are racists: against white and black conservatives. People need to learn through this Jussie Smollett story that Race-Baiting is in itself Racism against the side being wrongly accused. I did explain a bit of that in one of my recent articles: Identity Politics.

Summarily, the juice in the Jussie Smollett hoax, therefore, is that hate crimes are real and occur on daily basis, but they are not being reported on. They are being perpetrated by those who claim to be fighting them. These include the liberal politicians, liberal celebrities and the mainstream media. I hope that real victims don't have to continue dying in silence because their experiences do not aid the narrative of this Trump haters-in-Chief. The ball is in our court, as unbiased conservatives, to keep telling the stories as we know they are. Maybe, someday, the eyes of the minorities will fully be opened to know who exactly do not want them to be free thinkers in a free world.

I'm still your guy, the American Patriot-at-Heart. A 'Racist' Trump Supporter, borrowing the words of a white Liberal who recently chatted me up in protest to one of my Articles written in support of border wall: Walls Have Gates.
Note: Walls are not Racists!

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