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Naked - But Not Ashamed | The Book

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This Christian Book is viable for the times we live in. Its content is rich if you seek to be practical about your Christian Living in a world where majority of the people are gradually edging God out of their daily lives in a bid to accommodate a lot of secularism that seem to oppose the unchanging truth of God's Word. It contains a deep study of the many lessons hidden in the recorded life of Adam and Eve in the Bible. You just have to get a copy of this book right away.

CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY. Afterwards, proceed to read the first chapter of our first Spiritual Growth Book below.
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CHAPTER ONE: How It All Began

Adam and Eve were the most important objects of the creation work God carried out in the first six days of the time controlled universe. They were the central figures in the world of physical realities that now exist all around us. Their story is one which must be explored if anyone seeks…

Hate Crime: The Juice in the Jussie Smollett Hoax

When the Jussie Smollett story first broke, I did an article that cited it as Faux Outrage: I Love America, but I'm Worried for Her. I knew all along it was a hoax by the way it was reported to have happened. It turned out that my hunch was right. In this piece, I seek to highlight some basic points everyone should note from the whole story.

The Left Stays Relevant by Race Baiting
It seems more like a lot of celebrities and politicians on the left do not want Racism in America to cease. Hate Crimes against people of colour is a way for them to keep their relevance. Though they may pretend to be fighting for the people who are in the minority, the truth is that they keep wishing this people continue to be attacked so they can pounce on their political enemies like they all did with the Smollett case. For them, it is a political or popularity-seeking game. They take advantage of the suffering of the minority in advancing their selfish political or career interests. They never care a…

5 Strong Reasons Why Atiku is Bad for Nigeria

I was an ardent follower of Nigerian politics during the time former president, Goodluck Jonathan, was in power. In my opinion, his offers remained Nigeria's best shot at greatness that was cut short before it gained ground. The current set of people who are now in PDP struggling to oust the current occupant of Aso Rock were the ones who ousted him to usher the one they now see as incompetent. This is why I no longer pay attention to the politicking going on in this country; they make me mad.

However, with the understanding I have about what is going on, as Nigerians prepare to go vote in the forthcoming presidential election on the 16th of February, I wish to offer one more advice to those who are adamant about participating in the voting process. My first advice was for everyone who does not wish to vote for Buhari to sit at home if they want to see him removed from office on 29th May this year. If we vote, we lose (Read). My second counsel is this: below are very strong reason…

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