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This Christian Book is viable for the times we live in. Its content is rich if you seek to be practical about your Christian Living in a world where majority of the people are gradually edging God out of their daily lives in a bid to accommodate a lot of secularism that seem to oppose the unchanging truth of God's Word. It contains a deep study of the many lessons hidden in the recorded life of Adam and Eve in the Bible. You just have to get a copy of this book right away.

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CHAPTER ONE: How It All Began

Adam and Eve were the most important objects of the creation work God carried out in the first six days of the time controlled universe. They were the central figures in the world of physical realities that now exist all around us. Their story is one which must be explored if anyone seeks…

Walls Have Gates!

At the time this article was first posted, the American Government had been shut down for over two weeks. It was shut down over whether there should be a border wall or not at the Southern border of the US, where they share boundaries with Mexico. I seek to argue briefly in support of the wall. I will begin by saying this: walls are not immoral, and I will tell you why!

The argument as to whether a border wall is immoral or not is absurd. How can a border wall be considered immoral by a sane human? On what basis are they immoral? Do we consider the fact that most of those pushing this absurdities are actually living in walled compounds and communities? Do they ascribe morality to their own walled neighborhoods alone? For what purpose do they prefer to live within walled compounds or communities? Does it not occur to them that many American citizens do not live in walled compounds or communities like they do? These Americans are the ones exposed to the dangers of illegal immigration, and many have lost their lives as a result. The rest constantly live in fear.

The only way these Americans can feel safe is if foreign bad elements are not being given free access into their country through open borders. This is why they are asking for a wall.

Walls became immoral to the Democrats when they realized that letting Trump build it will benefit his re-election campaign. They do not want the president to succeed. For Trump, the wall is not just about keeping a campaign promise, something he enjoys doing, it is mostly about the safety of American citizens. However, for Democrats, it is all about politics. They chose to place partisanship before being patriotic. They do not care about the safety of the American citizens, so long as they end up making Trump look bad. Their hatred for Trump supercedes their love for country, if they have any.

Democrats also claim to be in support of border security. This is laughable. I will tell you why. Majority of the members of Boko Haram insurgents in my country, Nigeria, are not from here. They are illegal immigrants who enter through our no-wall borders in the Northeast. They come in to terrorize and kill our brothers and sisters in the north, especially the Christians. Until we have a wall up North, this may never end. Therefore, for anyone to claim to support border security while pitching a tent against physical barrier at the US border with Mexico is totally ironic. How on Earth is it possible for human beings to man miles of border lands twenty-four hours of the day? Only a border wall can ensure maximum security at the border.

Now, here is my one reason why I believe walls are angelic and humane: It is that Walls have Gates! When a wall is built around any place, it provides a safe space for its inhabitants by keeping off bad elements who are beyond the walls. Thus, it helps the dwellers within the walls to streamline their fight against crimes on those who are within. Walls, therefore, help to keep criminals away, for they are hardly willing to make use of the gates which are usually well guarded. Gates are meant to grant access to those who are law abiding. Anyone who considers the wall to be offensive is either a criminal or supportive of criminals. Which law abiding individual will ever prefer to access a place illegally?

Worthy of note here is also the fact that the absence of walls is anti-immigration. People tend to move to places they consider to be more secure and safer than where they used to stay. If bad elements and criminals have free access to these new places, what then makes it better for them? It becomes a case of the meat running from the frying pan only to land into the fire. The presence of walls therefore encourages immigration.

In conclusion, I will suggest that those who preach that Walls are immoral read their Bible well, if they have any. The new Jerusalem in the book of Revelation was described to have walls on its four borders. Each side equally have three gates. The walls serve to prevent illegal immigrants - sinners who did not repent from their sins, from entering the holy city. On the other hand, the gates are for letting in those who are law abiding, washed clean from their sins and are holy. They are the good immigrants. There was no reason God was going to allow the same pollution on earth infest heaven which is supposed to be a haven for the pure in heart.

Thus, walls are not immoral because walls have gates. If you agree, let's make this hatch tag trend: #WallsHaveGates and #WallsAreNotImmoral.


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  1. This is one of the most interesting and sensible articles that I have read in a long time. It explains what I had been trying to say for a very long time...but no one would listen. I became angry, because I am so tired of people coming here ILLEGALLY. If the Democrats don't care about whether people come into our Great Country ILLEGALLY, then maybe they should not be serving in our Great Country. Something needs to be done. This is a great INJUSTICE to the American People. We The People, deserve better. We earned that right. We ARE Making America Great Again, with or without YOU..... May God Be With You as you make your decision....

    1. Amen. Trump will find a way to keep America safe.

  2. Your logic is idiotic and useless. The wall provides a plethora of issues that include property rights issues. But, more importantly, as Rep. Hurd (R) Tx (whose district borders Mexico) says, the wall is a very inefficient and costly solution to a basically non-problem. The numbers approaching the border have dropped to the lowest levels in over 30 years. The current border can use some upgrades in technology and some personnel. The "idea" of the 'Wall' came from someone who thought it'd be a good campaign point to stir up the base. There was never a 'real' intention for it, but now they're stuck with it and it's a sinking ship.

    Dems are very much in support of border security as well as healthy immigration laws and practices; something the current administration is amiss especially concerning the separation of children from their families (Trump's admin lied about saying they never had a policy that intended to separate families until it was discovered). You mention "insurgents" entering through the NE (nothing to with the Mexican border) as a rationale to support a wall. Some people are willing to negotiate rough terrain (that could be life-threatening) where a wall is impossible and not worth the damage it would cause. Also, your wall has also been done in many scenarios where still, the very element you wish to stop crossing your borders, finds a way. Re the southern border, NOT one terrorist has ever successfully crossed over. Your concept of a border wall is not just impractical on multiple levels, it's literally childish as is your simple reasoning demonstrates.

    Your argument, "absence of walls is anti-immigration", is non-sensical at best. People do move to places they deem more safe because of where they've been (as in the disaster WE created in Central America). The influx of immigrants has never been the issue you're describing. If anything, they've been a huge welcomed addition for their tireless labor in our agricultural fields and other difficult job industries, including service. Which tells you how much our politicians and corp citizens have turned the backs with regard to immigration laws because it has greatly benefited them. Oh, the rate of crime is less than it is for 'white' citizens in our country.

    Using the 'bible' as a support for walls is completely missing the message in such a text. It's a symbolic story that you can't apply in this conversation...that's just absurd. If you think for one second that the wall would support that only 'those...washed clean from their sins and are holy' will enter in and keep the others out, is just pathetically naive. think of yourself as a good writer?? Your audience must be very small

    1. The wall is a very common sense initiative that will help streamline the work of border patrol agents towards those areas you think are loopholes they should focus on. It is futility to tackle border security without a border wall. Sometimes, it's absolutely impossible.

      It is entirely hypocritical of you to insinuate that Walls don't work just because you hate trump. If they don't work, I guess isreaI should pull down their effective walls! And all your leftist billionaires should simply stick to their normal security details and remove all walls around their compounds and communities.

      As for biblical views expressed, they prove that Walls are not Immoral.

      I know you lack the common sense to grasp this article, but the absence of walls discourages people like me from coming to the US. I cannot be running away from insecurity to another insecurity. Walls work. Wrap that around your Democrat brainwashed mind.

      Thank you.
      My article was awesome, otherwise you would not find the need to leave a baseless comment here. Try meeting a border patrol agent, they will school you on the importance of the wall.


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