Trump Is Two Moves Ahead!

Now, the longest government shutdown in the US has ended. The Furloughed workers are relieved. There is temporary funding for all agencies for twenty-one days only until the next possible shutdown if the Democrats refuse to come to the table as they promised. It is going to be a long three weeks of deal making and holding the Democrat party members to their words. Yes, as Trump said, many Democrats have agreed to do something that Trump can be happy about. Something that protects every American patriot from the evils of an open border. Let us hope they come through on this.

By letting the shutdown last as long as it did, Trump simply proved to the Dems that he is in control as the president. From the beginning, he knew Democrats are political about the whole thing and are not ready to give him a wall while the shutdown is ongoing. Along the line, he made several concessions to bring them on the table. He was trying to show the American people that these Democrats do not have their interest at heart. He pointed this out in many ways through his tweets. In all the moves he made, he was ahead, not behind. He was able to prove that the Democrats care more about politics than about the American people and their national security, because even the Democrats know that Walls work.

By agreeing to reopen the government for three weeks, Trump just proved the Democrats wrong when they say he is only pandering to his base and does not care about the rest of the populace who did not vote for him. He has shown that he care about all the government workers many of which had worked for over a month without pay. He gave them relief that the Democrats could not give by agreeing to build the wall. Now, all is set for Trump's last move. It is all left for the Democrats to get in or prepare to lose outrightly.

Three weeks is all the Dems have to prove they are not anti-American in terms of national border security! Three weeks they have to come to the table as they promised they would if the shutdown is ended. Remember Nancy and Chuck saying ''open the government and we will talk"? That is it, Trump just granted their request. He did not cave in. It is part of the plan to do things the right way, unlike Obama. He has fulfilled all prior possible alternatives. If the Democrats are wise, they should grab this opportunity to be none partisan and build something they all agreed in the past is vital to America's quest to curb illegal immigration and strenthen legal immigration. I hope they do. If not, Trump has a strong constitutional right to declare a state of emergency at the border, especially with the new caravan arriving in about three weeks! If it comes to that, America wins, Trump wins and the Democrats lose. Have Faith.

If you think the Democrats want to fight building the wall at the courts, you need to think again. They will not. If they are that daring, they will still lose, while the building of the wall is ongoing. So, have faith if you are a Trump Lover. Tell all those disappointed not to be in a rush in drawing conclusions. Now is the time to stand with your president. He is THE GREATEST PRESIDENT THE WORLD HAS EVER PRODUCED. You have no better option elsewhere. Remember, he has kept all his promises, in all the areas he could handle by himself. In just two years! Think about that. The remaining promises will come through. After the wall, health care will follow. Believe.

Trump is two moves ahead. Also, do not worry about the SOTU. If Trump gave that address in a shutdown, it will hurt him politically. He would seem to be uncaring about the American populace who are on the other side. His speech would have been interpreted as a political ploy that does not bring all Americans together. I bet you, Nancy is regretting ever disinviting Trump, irrespective of whatever she says now. It was a gift to Trump. Now, Trump will use her words against her. No matter what happens, your president is in full control! He will build the wall!


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