Identity Politics: Is America A Failing Society?

If you take a look at what is happening around Europe today, you will understand why I have to ask this question. However, I'm not making this article about the many evils that have engulfed many European countries as a result of their globalist-centred immigration system and identity politics, something that tends to favour moslems with a strong bias against Christians. Instead, this piece will seek to briefly shine light on where America is headed if it does not cut off the ugly head of identity and divisive politics from its midst.

The simple truth remains that America is the greatest Country in the world. In addition to that, it is one Country whose founders saw the end from the beginning and, as a result, handed down a powerful document, in the form of a constitution, that can protect and preserve its existence from both internal and external hostile forces, as well as preserve the rights of its citizens from every form of tyranny. Today, this special privilege is being corroded vehemently by people who think they have the good of the nation at heart, but are instead being ruled by intolerance and/or animosity over past wrongs done their forefathers. This rage is basically painted and termed 'Identity Politics' as though the term itself is worthy of note. For me, it's not.

Sadly, nowadays in US, no day passes without one hearing or reading something about the colour of people's skins, their gender identifications, sexual orientations or the religious groups to which they belong, and how these should affect the way people deal with them? Yes, I am not trying to say here that these issues are not important and should not be mentioned at all, but dictating how they are to be discussed is only going to end up a disaster for the most powerful Country in the world. This means that they are being handled in a way that offers a 'reverse-repeat' of what is being fought, an ill treatment of a set of people classed as 'the privileged majority', referring to White People and Christians. This is something I call 'Identity Revenge', with the 'majority' as the new victims.

Yes, it is true that in the past, minority groups were marginalized; blacks were slaves, plus, there were very crude gender subjugations and persecution of people due to their sexual orientations. These should never have happened. However, the truth remains that this is no longer the case, institutionally, in America. There may be occasions of individual perpetrators who have vowed to continue this discrimination, but this is not enough reason to punish a whole lot of people by subjecting them to standards that infringe on their own basic human rights.

America will fall, soon enough, even without socialism, like the Great Britain today is in a political and social mess or more, unless this new form of hate against the majority is quashed.

Personally, I consider it very offensive to be treated kindly merely because I am black. Instead, I should be treated fairly because I am human, not because am black. How do I interact in a civil society if my opponent is afraid to disagree with me and this merely based on the colour of my skin? Is this not revenge racism, and by practice, does it not affect me negatively too? I do postulate that those in the 'majority groups' who push these reasonings are the actual racists, because they feel am unequal to their group of people, and should therefore be pampered. Same judgement goes for all so called 'protected groups'. We should be humans, not the minority groups under which we are being categorized, whether it is based on religious, gender, colour or sexual orientations.

There is no such thing as a protected group! No one should have a license to be wrong, while others are mandated to be right. Everyone should be able to exercise their fundamental human rights irrespective of who does not like them, or who feels offended at the way they choose to exercise their fundamental human rights. Whether you are LGBTQ categorized or straight, male, female or gender neutral, coloured, black or white, Moslem, Atheist, Christian or others, you have the right to live as you choose provided you are within the bounds of your fundamental rights. Those who try to force you to discard these rights are infringing and should not be encouraged. It is something every reasonable person should frown at and fight. People in the minority should not be on the offensive when no one is willing to go to war with them. This only ends up putting the innocent majority on the defensive, making it seem like there truly is a war going on. It is simply a sign of a failing society. Remember Europe.

The day America 'matures' in her political enforcement of emotional rights over human rights, that day America will cease to be a nation. It will become a dictatorial state in practice. It would be worse than China, because there will not be order anymore, and China has some order, even if it is an enslaving one. This is already gradually taking effect, enforced mainly by the US based internet thought police: Facebook, Twitter and co, who made themselves harbingers of what should or shouldn't be acceptable, and encouraged by a part of the government, the left who think they are progressives, but are in reality retrogressives!

Summarily, in answer to my question above, I think America is a failing society as long as it continues in this new evil path. Today, Trump and the millions of patriotic Americans standing with him form the wall keeping America from completely falling to the siege. Yes, Trump is the messiah, though as it seems, a temporary one, unless the great people who love their country will rise in 2020, like they did in 2016, and vehemently reject those who have been dividing the country on identity basis.
There is strength in diversity, not in identity politics!

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