I Love America, But Am Worried For Her.

I feel concern for America's future to a great extent. I will tell you why.

There is this understanding we all have about America being a Watchdog for human rights violations in countries worldwide. In Africa alone, the fear of America is the beginning of wisdom for dictators. Bad leaders fear that the big brother will get involved if they go to the extreme against their people. Those who err get sanctioned, serving as deterrent to others.

Moreover, most countries around the world look up to the United States for a better model in government practices. In addition to that, virtually all countries rely on the intelligence provided by America in tackling terrorism within their jurisdictions. The bottom line in all being that everyone wants the same freedom American citizens enjoy to be viable within our own communities in our own countries.

The question now is: what if America someday falls short as a Watchdog and is no longer a worthy model other nations can emulate for the good of their citizenry? If that should happen, what kind of nations are we going to have going forward in the world?

Everything happening in America today points towards the direction of a Great Nation whose fate is hanging on the edge of a precipice. Take a look at this 'misnomers' that are becoming normalized as a way of identifying America. The list is not exhaustive.

This suppose to be deemed evil and a violation of a human's right to life, unborn or born. However, today in some states in America, it is very much acceptable to kill a baby minutes before they are due to be born. Some are actually suggesting a mother can choose to terminate the life of a new born baby. If this is where America is headed, humane people around the world are left in a precarious situation. Can America remain a Watchdog against human rights violations in this state?

Unchecked Immigration
America is a nation of immigrants. However, that does not mean there should be open borders for all sorts of criminal elements from around the world to troop in. This can only result in a collapse in values, which will subsequently affect how America is percieved in the world: it can lead to America's downfall. Border security and properly vetted immigration system have consistently faced numerous setbacks in America. Their lack of 100% effectiveness pose a serious challenge to the sovereignty of the greatest Country on earth. Yet, many of her politicians are opposed to these important measures. This is sad because of what it means in the long run. Take a look at Europe.

Faux outrages
The American mainstream media has completely become partisan. They defend political opinions as though they were established to serve as a political propaganda machine. Due to this bias, they have continually ran with faux outrages without proper verifications. You know exactly what I am referring to if you are aware of the recent BuzzFeed fakenews story, the Covington kids slander or the latest seemingly faux 'homophobic' attack on a gay actor, Jussie Smollett. I should not remind you of the character assassination meted against US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. These seem more like running with fakenews, and does not appear to be worthy of emulation by the rest of the world. If the world becomes this bad in the practice of journalism, then, we are all doomed.

Two-tier Justice System
There is a selective prosecution of criminals based on their political affiliations. Instead of investigation of actual crimes or criminals, innocent people are being probed and indicted for things that happened over the investigation of non-existent crimes. The truth, however, remains that Process Crimes are no Crimes! This is exactly what is obtainable in a country like Nigeria and many other third world countries, and other nations where rule of law is not viable. What hope does America now offer those of us who live in these countries, if their rule of law has equally become infected with politics?

Voter Fraud
There were massive reports of voter fraud in the last midterm elections in America, encouraged by the left leaning political party. It is now being reported that non citizens participated in the voting process. Even in a failed Country like Nigeria, people who do not have voter ID are not allowed to vote, whether they are citizens or not. America should watch it, before illegals will flood their political offices with likes of the people who today in US Congress are championing all sorts of socialist, anti-Semitic and terrorists sympathetic agendas. All these are not sounding good at all.

Anti-Free Speech
Free speech is gradually dying off in America. It is being slayed on the altar of intolerance and feelings. No one has the right to disagree with their neighbor from the other side anymore. Everyone is treading with caution. People are scared of stepping on toes or hurting people's feelings, even if they do not intend to. This war is extended to religious beliefs, directly infringing on the right of many to practice their faith. If things get worse, what do we do in our own fragile nations?

These things, and many others not peculiar to my purpose for this piece, should equally be something of concern to patriotic Americans. These are not the values upon which America was founded. The founding fathers are not happy wherever they are.
These are signs of an impending doom approaching. I hope America finds a way to stand strong and deal with these canker worms. Otherwise, the effect of America's fall will be disastrous for the rest of the world. We all need to pray. No one wants to see China leading the world.

May God Keep America Strong and Great.

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