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This Christian Book is viable for the times we live in. Its content is rich if you seek to be practical about your Christian Living in a world where majority of the people are gradually edging God out of their daily lives in a bid to accommodate a lot of secularism that seem to oppose the unchanging truth of God's Word. It contains a deep study of the many lessons hidden in the recorded life of Adam and Eve in the Bible. You just have to get a copy of this book right away.

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CHAPTER ONE: How It All Began

Adam and Eve were the most important objects of the creation work God carried out in the first six days of the time controlled universe. They were the central figures in the world of physical realities that now exist all around us. Their story is one which must be explored if anyone seeks …

The Hardest Bible Verse You May Not Know Exists | Shocker For Women.

If you've noticed this near secret Bible verses before now, it means you are a good student of the word of God. That notwithstanding, I doubt many people who have seen them have a clue as to the meaning thereof.

Actually, even the texts are confusing and obscure to so many Bible scholars. A lot put the blame for the confusion on the writer. Many say the verses are ambiguous.

For the ordinary Christians, many may not have even given these verses a second thought the times they came across them. Perhaps because they didn't understand what it meant at first reading. We often only stop to consider a verse that catches our attention as we read through the Scriptures.

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You will be surprised to know that these verses are found in a very popular book in the Bible which I believe most Christians read often.

The Clue: these verses were the conclusion drawn by the wisest human to ever live on earth. I hope you don't assume it&…

Survival in the Nigerian Way is Against All Odds

Nigerians may be some of the most hardworking people in the world, though often wrongly derided as lazy fraudsters.

Yes, Nigeria is a land of great dreamers. The problem is that these dreams mostly never come true. It does not matter whether one has one of the best qualifications or abilities obtainable for the actualization of these dreams or not, there are almost no opportunities for those who are not privileged. To be privileged here means to have strong connection to the elitist owners of big companies, big business moguls or the wealthy ruling class made up of politicians in their ranks. Where this is absent, even with one's possession of a reverred University degree or the talented mastery of a great skill, one will be left to suffer and struggle on their own in order to get by in the society.

According to data released earlier this year by the World Poverty Clock, a global poverty monitoring group, over 90 million Nigerians live on less than $1.9 a day. This is not surprisi…

Don't Be Afraid of Me or Other Nigerians

"Bonjour", she typed.
I replied, "Merci Bouquo?" Not knowing exactly what that means, or if it meant anything at all. Then I added, "I don't speak French. I speak English. You can chat me up on that."
Almost a day later, she responded.
"yes I can write to you in English. Tell me how are you?"
"I'm fine," I replied. "How about you?"

Thirty minutes later I got this reply:
"Me too well, thank you, my name is Christelle I am from France and you?"
"I'm Pius," I typed. "From Nigeria." Though I hasitated a bit before typing these last two words knowing exactly how funny it is that white people, and most foreigners for that matter, think all Nigerians are some crazy fraudsters. I waited for a response, then asked, "When you said Bonjour, what should have been my reply?"

No sooner had I typed that when I saw this texts pop up before my face on my Twitter DM: "You can no longer …

AMERICA | Democrats in 2020

What I'm going to point out here might sound really awkward to you, but don't mind, they're completely true. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. I also detest FakeNews. It's true my articles are solely my opinion, however, they are mostly based on facts. Few are based on imaginations, and in that case, you'll know.

The Democrats, the blue Liberal party folks in the United States have gone so far left that it's hard to find one who's ready to even compromise on a centrist position among them. Below are some of the issues standing out as they rally around scouting for a candidate to challenge President Donald John Trump.

Baby Killing
Yes, that's the other way of saying 'abortion', whether it's before or after birth. It's a brutal way of slaughtering babies in the wombs of their heartless moms, or letting them bleed to death on the tables of evil doctors. Democrats are very much at ease with this practices. Surprisingly, they are unapologeti…

What If I Was Aborted?

Have you ever tried to figure out what the world around you now would have been like if you were aborted instead of being born? I have thought about this and it gives me goosebumps. But, providing the right answer to this question, in my own terms alone, is a bit complicated for me. It is something a lot of people can think about too considering how my life have impacted them: what if he was aborted?

What if I was aborted?
That could have happened before I was born had my mum thought about her right to choose what to do with her body, her own body's 'health care' as the left likes to put it. Perhaps, it could have been done right after I was born, assuming I escaped the before-birth-dismemberment that happens within the womb. In that case, I would have been left uncared for so I would die on my own, starved. Or even worse, I could have had my neck broken same hour I was born by some heartless nurse or killer-physician while my mum looked away. Yes, it was possible I could …

Hate Crime: The Juice in the Jussie Smollett Hoax

When the Jussie Smollett story first broke, I did an article that cited it as Faux Outrage: I Love America, but I'm Worried for Her. I knew all along it was a hoax by the way it was reported to have happened. It turned out that my hunch was right. In this piece, I seek to highlight some basic points everyone should note from the whole story.

The Left Stays Relevant by Race Baiting
It seems more like a lot of celebrities and politicians on the left do not want Racism in America to cease. Hate Crimes against people of colour is a way for them to keep their relevance. Though they may pretend to be fighting for the people who are in the minority, the truth is that they keep wishing this people continue to be attacked so they can pounce on their political enemies like they all did with the Smollett case. For them, it is a political or popularity-seeking game. They take advantage of the suffering of the minority in advancing their selfish political or career interests. They never care a…

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